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Today’s labor market is facing two main challenges; the first being a lack of job opportunities and the second being a shortage of qualified individuals to fill available vacancies.

No employment opportunities…
No graduates eligible for employment

These challenges are particularly evident within the fields of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and engineering. In Jordan alone, approximately 60% of ICT graduates are unemployed, while few engineering graduates end up working in related fields given local market saturation.

Did you know?


Software engineering is the foundation for millions of new jobs


The five most in-demand jobs require software engineering graduates


Technology is no longer reserved for specific sectors 

What’s the solution

LTUC’s Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair School of Advanced Computing (ASAC) was inaugurated in 2019 to build the software development and programming skills and capabilities of learners while qualifying them for current and future employment within these fields.

The up-to-date programs were designed based on extensive studies conducted with multiple companies, which highlighted a pressing need for competent graduates to fill and excel in the growing number of technical vacancies available within local and international markets.

Study an International Curriculum alongside Specialized Instructors

Contrary to the traditional curricula taught at universities for two, four or even five years, ASAC introduces new and practical programs that keep pace with local and international labor market requirements. These curricula are frequently updated – in alignment with global institutions – to produce qualified software developers capable of obtaining lucrative employment at the largest tech companies in the Kingdom and around the world. 

Meanwhile, instructors – both Jordanian and international – are chosen according to their proficiency and practical expertise in the fields of programming and technology. 

You can select the course that suits you best. We offer courses that follow the curricula of Seattle-based Code Fellows and last up to six months, as well as provide you with a globally-accredited certificate that qualifies you to take on distinguished technical jobs. We also offer a two-year British Diploma (BTEC) in Computing-Software Engineering, which follows a modern curriculum devised by Pearson.

What will your ASAC learning journey look like?

From the moment you join us, you will become part of an integrated team and, together, you will learn and apply a new skill every day. You will gradually develop the mindset of a programmer, analyze technical problems, design solutions, as well as build, test and update software accordingly – all within an environment that simulates that of major tech companies. This way, you will enjoy an immersive learning journey that resembles the experiences you will inevitably be exposed to upon graduation. 

We will also help you to develop the soft skills required at any company, such as working within a team, creating a CV that attracts employers and communicating with confidence.

Which opportunities will you be offered upon graduation?

We will grant you the chance to work with major tech companies in Jordan and beyond. In addition, whether you select the Code Fellows courses or the British Diploma (BTEC) in Computing-Software Engineering, your projects while at ASAC will be presented to the managers and owners of tech companies in the Kingdom to boost your chances of working with them.

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