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Apply for a fully-funded scholarship in IT certification
(BTEC Level 2)

Accredited by the UK Educational Institute, Pearson.
Program Duration: 9 months

Open Now: Scholarships in BTEC Level 2

Luminus Technical University College (LTUC), in collaboration with UNICEF, announces the launch of scholarships offering BTEC International Level 2 Certificate, accredited by Pearson, and aims to equip learners with work-related qualifications to enable them to land IT vocational jobs after graduation. The BTEC International Level 2 Certificate in Information Technology will assist learners in learning and practicing vocational disciplines focused on IT support, computer hardware, computer software, and more.

Application Criteria

  • Age: Up to 23 years old
  • Unemployed or part-time employee with no social security
  • English Level: Intermediate 
  • Educational: Tawjihi Certificate (Pass) in Scientific, Industrial, or IT streams 
  • Jordanian or any other nationality (with Security Card and UNHCR card)

This scholarship is currently open to applicants. Students are admitted after successfully concluding the scholarship application process and fulfilling the application criteria.

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