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The Bachelor’s program in Cloud Computing is the first of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East, and is accredited by Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair School of Advanced Computing (ASAC) at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) and the Ministry of Higher Education. The Cloud Computing program will contribute to developing students’ skills and qualifying them to meet the needs of the labor market in Jordan and the world and the leading companies in different companies and sectors using the largest providers of cloud computing services such as “Microsoft Azure”, “Amazon Web Services” and “Google Cloud Platform”.

The number of credit hours for a Bachelor’s degree in Cloud Computing is (132) credit hours, which is equivalent to the special accreditation standards. The following table shows the distribution of credit hours for the study plan in cloud computing:

RequirementTotal CreditsPercentage of total requirements
Compulsory Specialization requirements7556.8%
Compulsory School Requirements2115.9%
Compulsory University College Requirements1813.7%
University College Elective Requirements96.8%
Supporting Major Requirements96.8%

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This program is taught by professional teachers with practical experiences, in addition to an educational environment that simulates global technology companies and focuses on students’ personal skills that qualify them to obtain technical job opportunities.

The Growth of Cloud computing Specialization:

The importance of cloud computing for businesses lies in its ability to reduce costs and enhance security aspects by providing the functionality of servers and other devices over the Internet, eliminating the need for physical elements that take up large areas and require high maintenance fees to protect data. Thus, cloud computing offers a wider range of options, flexibility, and scalability benefits for both businesses and individuals.

  • Many sources and reports reveal that job opportunities in the field of cloud computing will continue to grow and become among the highest paid in the information technology sector.
  • Growth in cloud computing jobs is expected to reach 115% over the next five years
  • The demand for jobs in cloud computing will continue to increase around the world for several reasons such as data protection and the need to expand business activities flexibly.

Through your studies at Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Department of Advanced Computing (ASAC), you will be offered job opportunities with the following titles:

Cloud Service Engineer

Cloud Admin

 Cloud Software Developer

Cloud Architecture

DevOps Engineer

 Software Engineer