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The subject of IT and computing is continuously evolving. The job market in this field is growing and expected to steadily grow in the next years. Our British Diploma (BTEC) in Computing – Cyber Security – brought to you by Pearson – helps you to acquire the required skills and knowledge to be able to start a career in the field of computing (Cyber Security). 

Throughout your learning journey, which you will embark on alongside experienced instructors, you will learn about the technologies, procedures, processes and practices used to protect network, devices or data from different types of attacks and damages.

You will also learn the principles of networking, network security, threat types and security policies. You will be introduced to the art of information hiding, applying encryption, and encryption and decryption techniques.  Moreover, you will learn digital forensics skills that help in obtaining and documenting evidence that can be extracted from digital media.

During your learning experience – which simulates the work environment of mega tech companies – you will acquire vital soft skills that will help you thrive later on in your professional career.

Upon successful completion of the diploma, you may bridge to a Bachelor’s degree in any of the available IT-related specializations – including Cyber Security, Computer Science or Information Security.

Program Details


2 years (101 hours)


JOD 59 per hour

Maximum number of semesters

6 Semesters

Semester duration

4 months


British certificate from Pearson
Certificate from LTUC

Potential Job Opportunities upon Course Completion

  • Security Expert
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • SOC Analyst 
  • Information Technology Security Specialist
  • Network/Security Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • SOC Supervisor

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