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For Those Looking to Develop Their Technical Skills
and Transform Their Lives. 

We offer five intensive training courses that vary in terms of duration and competency level. With our curriculum – presented by Seattle-based Code Fellows – you will learn a new skill every day and be part of an integrated team, completing practical projects and graduating with a skillset that qualifies you to obtain work immediately with some of the largest tech companies in Jordan and around the world.

Throughout your journey with us, which may last up to six months, you will meet specialists within the field of software development, as well as Code Fellows instructors from Seattle – all of whom will help you progress into a professional software developer and earn a globally-accredited certificate.

Are you an undergraduate? Do you hold a degree in Engineering, IT or any other related specialization? Are you a programmer or technician looking to upskill to meet the latest labor market requirements? Perhaps you want to kick-start an entirely new career that offers better prospects? Whatever your motive or programming proficiency, Code Fellows courses are the ideal choice for you!

Don’t worry about your competency level. Before you begin, you will undergo a test that determines the right course for you. Learn more about the courses available at each level.

Our Courses

Code 101:
Explore Software Development

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Code 102:
Intro to Software Development

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Code 201:
Foundations of Software Development

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Code 301:
Intermediate Software Development

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Code 401:
Advanced Software Development

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We offer multiple scholarships for Jordanians, Syrians and Palestinians