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If you are interested in the world of software development but are unsure how to embark on this path, our beginner software development course is the first step towards discovering whether this field is suitable for you.

Course Details


1 day


JOD 100

Topics that we cover

The Modern Web

  • How HTML pieces work together 


  • Structuring your information
  • Connecting web pages
  • Sharing your website


  • Integrating style sheets
  • Modifying CSS styles

The Tech Industry

  • A typical day for a software developer
  • Common job positions
  • The track to becoming a web developer

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the basics of being a professional software developer.
  • Understanding how HTML and CSS work together to form the modern web.
  • Understanding how to create a complete website.
  • Learning how to deploy your website and share your outcomes with friends and family.
  • Determining whether a career in software development is right for you.


  • An eagerness to attend, participate in discussions and complete tasks – and your laptop.

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