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Want to become familiar with the tools and techniques used by new-age developers? Gain a deeper understanding of programming by applying the concepts and terms you learned in Code 101, while navigating your way around complex interfaces. Train alongside experienced developers who will assist and guide you through your learning journey, and undergo practical challenges, ask questions and have discussions with your instructors.

Program Details


1 week


JOD 300

Topics that we cover

Web Development

  • Tie together HTML, CSS and JavaScript in an interactive web page
  • Use the same tools and techniques utilized by professionals across the tech industry on your own laptop
  • Use Git and GitHub

JavaScript Programming

  • Variables and data storing
  • Conditionals
  • Loops

Career Excellence Skills – Beginner Level 

  • Prepare and draft your CV

Learning Outcomes

  • Configure your computer for professional-grade software development, with free and open-source tools.
  • Design websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. 
  • Become acquainted with programming concepts like variables, conditionals and loops.
  • Secure a wider network of both novel and experienced developers.
  • Prepare or update your CV with the new skills you acquired during the course.
  • Be better prepared to resume learning software development at ASAC or anywhere else.
  • Complete pre-work for the Intermediate Level!


  • Your own laptop – fully updated with the latest operating system (OS) version and with all security patches installed:
    • 64-bit OS; like macOS or Windows 10.
    • Minimum 50GB of free space on the hard drive.
    • Minimum 8GB of RAM (16GB RAM is strongly preferred – free of viruses).
    • Chromebooks are not suitable for this course as you cannot manage previously installed programs.

  • An eagerness to attend with week-long punctuality, participation in practical exercises and collaboration with classmates and instructors.
  • Recommended: Completing Code 101.
  • Recommended: Typing at least 30 words per minute

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