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Will I get a job immediately after graduating?

We are in direct contact with tech companies in Jordan to facilitate employment opportunities for our students. During your learning journey at ASAC, you will get the chance to showcase your capabilities and projects to the managers and owners of field-related companies. We will also help you to develop important soft skills – including CV writing, effective communication and collaborative team work. These steps will prepare you to compete confidently for available vacancies in the local and international labor markets, hence boosting your chances of securing a job right after graduation.

It is worth noting that 93% of graduates of Code Fellows get employed, mostly at tech giants like Google, Facebook, Expedia, Disney and others.

Which career paths can I pursue after graduation?

Most of our graduates work as software engineers, full-stack web developers, back- and front-end developers, database developers, network engineers, quality assurance officers, Java and Python software developers, mobile app developers and marketing trainers.

You may also assume other vital and high-demand positions, such as product managers and consultants, or even establish your own startup if you have an innovative tech idea.

Why should I study software development?

Software development and engineering have become the foundation for millions of jobs in Jordan and around the world. The most in-demand jobs worldwide are based on software engineering, as technology becomes more integrated across industries such as healthcare, public and logistical services, agriculture, finance and others. The challenge remains in finding the right individuals to handle and excel in these jobs, as companies today are seeking talented employees with practical qualifications within the programming field. Join us to become one of them.

I don’t have any previous programming experience. Is the course suitable for beginners?

We offer those interested in programming a one-day workshop to help them assess whether this field is right for them or not.

By taking the Code 101 course, you will explore the world of software development in simple terms. You will also discover how to build websites yourself utilizing the same criteria used by programming experts, helping you to determine the extent of your passion for programming languages, their challenges and solutions.

I already have programming experience and have been working in the technical field for a while. Will your courses benefit me?

Certainly. The world of technology is evolving every day, and as a professional in the software development field you must keep pace with the latest skills and techniques required by the labor market.

By studying a global curriculum that is continuously adapted and updated, you will receive many opportunities to not only to increase your salary by up to three times your current pay, but you could also work for major companies such as Facebook, Google, Expedia, Nike and Starbucks, to name a few.

How can I assess my proficiency level?

Prior to registering, interested students can undergo a test to determine their level and the course best suited for their technical competency.

How can I receive a scholarship?

We continue to offer full scholarships for our courses, with employment opportunities upon graduation. If you are passionate about programming, read more about our available scholarships and selection criteria, and apply here.

What is the course program and how is each course different?

The course program is based on a Code Fellows curriculum that includes five different courses, ranging from one day to up to six months. The courses differ in terms of competency level (beginner, intermediate and advanced), duration and tuition. To determine your level, you will first undergo a test. Additional course details are available here.

Can I really obtain an accredited certificate within six months?

Yes, when choosing the courses path, you will receive an accredited certificate from both the US-based Code Fellows and Luminus Technical University College within just six months. This certificate qualifies you to work with top tech companies and presents you with the same opportunities as engineering and IT university graduates.

How will I spend my school day?

Your day will not be an ordinary school day. Instead, it will be an enriching mix of lectures, exercises and programming discussions. You will learn within a co-working space alongside instructors and technical assistants in an environment that resembles tech companies. Moreover, you will get to work on group projects, perform practical exercises and receive one-on-one assistance from our instructors during lab hours. On some days, we host guest speakers and tech specialists to share their experiences and expertise with you.

What will my schedule be like?

If you register for the courses, your schedule will be between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM, simulating real-life work for six months. If you choose the British Diploma in Computing-Software Engineering, your learning journey will last for two years (four semesters with study hours determined according to your study schedule). 

What are the admission procedures?

Short Courses – Code Fellows: To register for any of the courses – which are currently available only to scholarship applicants who meet a set criteria – submit your information via the application form here. We will contact you within two months to complete the next registration steps. 

British Diploma in Computing-Software Engineering: Apply directly via the application form here

How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you!

You can call us at 06-400-0700 / ext. 1700, between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Sundays to Thursdays, or email us at 

You can also drop by our campus, which is based at Luminus Technical University College in Amman on Airport Road, near Naour Bridge.